First Debuts at 2008 London Motor Show UK: 10-th “most wanted” cars

23 07 2008

Many debuts should be noted at the ongoing in the 2008 London Motor Show (UK). There are so many amazing cars, but we want to show you top ten (by Autoworld) “most wanted” cars on this show:

At first that world debute of new Lotus Evora: more information about premiere there…

Read more (photo)!!

The second debut is new Honda OSM (Open Study Model) Concept, a lightweight, sporty “study model” of a low-emissions cabriolet. Does this mean it’ll carry the same hybrid powertrain as the CR-Z concept? Or this new generation of S model?!

More information about new Honda OSM concept there…

Ford is expected to take advantage of this month’s British Motor Show in London to debut an ECOnetic version of the new Fiesta sub-compact. ECOnetic is Ford’s branding for special low CO2 versions of its different vehicles. In the case of the Fiesta ECOnetic, that means a 1.6L TDCi turbodiesel under the hood cranking out 89hp.

The global debut for Vauxhall‘s new Insignia is probably the most significant single event happening at the British International Motor Show this year. And as a result you can expect the Vauxhall stand to be at the centre of the attention, as this hugely important car is revealed in the metal for the first time.

Lexus’s ambitions for the LF-A are clear: to build a supercar with world class performance that is uniquely Lexus. Since the first LF-A concept was unveiled in 2005, the project has made significant progress; most recently the car was on public view, competing in the Nürburgring 24 Hours race as part of its on-going development programme. At BIMS Lexus present new LF-A Roadster Concept:

More information about Lexus LF-A there…

The Mazda Furai still amazes all people. Mazda’s new design is simply breathtaking and having heard this car at full noise on the hill climb, I know that it is the business. You can not to be awed by the way the curves of this car come together so aggressively and purposefully. The curves come together so well, I’d easily put this as the best looking car at the show.

Among those that understand the automobile more deeply, the future is seen as a vehicle with one engine in each of its four wheels and electric power. If these are the only conditions for the future, then we can say it has already arrived. And you may call it Lightning GT, the British electric supercar with 700hp power engine that has been presented at the British International Motor Show.

The Hyundai Genesis Coupe graced the stages and it looks fantabulous in the flesh. The press photos of this beast does not do it justice. If Hyundai manage to put a decent suspension and driveline package under this body then they may lick their el’cheapo car stigma. Fingers crossed, come on Hyundai, don’t do what you normally do.

More about Hyundai Genesis Coupe there…

On the plus side we have the Spanish AFR Aspid. Similar to Caparo building the T1, AFR built the Aspid. AFR supply components to the big boy OEMs and thought a good way to showcase their technology would be in an exclusive road car.

The Aspid is constructed of an aluminium spaceframe chassis bonded with aluminium honeycomb and covered with carbon fibre body panels. Engine options include a modified naturally aspirated 2L Honda engine and a supercharged version tipped to pump out 400hp. With the car weighing only 700kg, this thing will hussle. Other new technologies include new wiring and internal communications system and a very compact hydraulic suspension package. Given that the guy looking after the car was struggling a little with English, that’s about all the detail I could get out of him.

And at desert Suzuki unveiled the Kizashi on its stand at the ExCeL centre, and also announced that the Ford Mondeo rival will hit the road in 2010:

More information about Suzuki Kizashi there…




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Lightning GT, 700hp power engine

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