New RT.S and RT.R supercars by FortuneSport

24 07 2008

FortuneSport announcing their intent to products high-performance, ultra-lightweight sports cars in short order. They take the FortuneSport Rt.R, a rush spec, 515 HP V8-powered, half-monocoque, mid-engine sports car will be on vending this descend to the tune of $200,000. By minute 2010, a lane story, dubbed the FortuneSport Rt.S, will be free to the civic in 350 HP frill for the value of $85,000. Both cars are also slated to come in at under 2,000 lbs. Big language, but also very intriguing.

FortuneSport was founded by event car designer and automotive coax Teritius Fortune in Germany back in 1996. The band has since enthused to the U.S. and has evolved into an automotive contractor, prototype builder and consultancy secure.

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