Rendered speculation: New 2010 Acura NSX

29 07 2008

Using some spy photos of the new 2010 Acura NSX spotted on the Nürburgring in Art Nouveau leopard print Edmunds‘ JDM friends feat. Auto Holiday Magazine have put some rendered speculation.

Given what we see in these renderings, the imposing tourer is neat but not gorgeous, and follows the 2007 Detroit Auto Show notion car’s lines faster than first thought. And that’s a humiliate, because the two-seater Acura’s estimated cost tag of $160,000 will place it right on top of much prettier rivals in the Aston Martin V8 Vantage, Maserati Gran Turismo and Jaguar XKR.

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Fitting with a 5.5-liter V10 generating upwards of 600 horsepower and 433 squash feet of torque, the potential Acura produces a gripping exhaust memo. And when tempo is not the topic, the V10 deactivates five cylinders to preclude fuel and junior emissions. The V10 is bolted to a prompt-shifting six-haste dual-clutch transmission forceful the rear wheels, while a revised type of Honda‘s Super Handling AWD method generates the car’s prodigious grip levels, enabling such a nimble ‘Ring lap time.

Our insider explains that Honda has employed as much F1 construct as feasible to create ceiling downforce and honest-line stability. That is why the NSX replacement was able to seizure up at the Nürburgring and rattle off a red-hot lap time of 7 resume, 37 seconds on its first challenge, and without any cumbersome rear wings. Our font predicts that when Honda profits to the ‘Ring for the autumn testing term, it will almost indeed pole a time under 7:30, generous the GT-R an actual run for its money.

Source: Edmunds‘ JDM friends and Auto Holiday Magazine



3 responses

29 07 2008
HID Conversion

That line on the door and real quarter panels is too defined. Even though it seems like a badass performing car.. its still an Acura. If im going to spend 160k, it wont be on an Acura.. sorry.

15 11 2008

That is one sick car. Too bad for those copycats like the BMW, Mercedez and so on.

1 12 2008

Acura should take 2 engines of a honda s2000 and create a 8 cylinder 4.8L devlopping 480hp after you’v donne this you oversize a litlle bit the engine to 5.0 or 5.5L, beacause today you MUST be in the 550 hp n up to follow lamborghini and ferrari! Just an example , the new corvette zr-1 have 640 hp or 610 hp ON A CORVETTE !! An the guys of top gear test it ! ( youtube —» top gear corvette zr-1 ) after when tou have a powerfull engine you re”create a beatiful desing as the first nsx with the integrated spoiler in the back with a MR drivetrain ! Remenber guys in 1991 when the nsx was just born , honda/acura where shifting the ferrari at this time with a 3.2L devlopping 270hp and more funny go on youtube and wright motegi battle it’s a nsx type R second gen vs a murcielago, gallardo, 360 modena , porche gt2 or gt3 not shure and the bmw m3 csl. The nsx with is 290hp ( 2nd gen is 290 hp) is in front of the lambo and ferrari in the curves, but in strailines due to a too small engin and missing some horsepower le lambo is faster. But i find this amazing that honda with 290 horsepower can hovertake a murcielago that is devlopping like 500hp+

But today honda/acura manager are IDIOT and they are doing somme crapy model ….

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