Strange Alfa Romeo Bertone BAT 11 Concept Presented in North America

30 07 2008

Very strange Alfa Romeo Bertone BAT 11 Concept presented on this weekend’s 2008 Meadow Brook Concours D’Elegance. What’s most impressive about this already amazing-to-look-at point idea is it’s actually being considered for very partial production. Sounds fully plausible — it’s built on the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione — the same vehicle that saw it’s North American debut at this very same situation at Meadowbrook last year and caused Wert to have an Alfa Romeo-gasm. Hah, this machine is very recalled Batmobil, or no?! Look at photo:

This motive constrained behind the car BAT aficionado Dr. Gary Kaberle. Dr. Kaberle began his adore of the chain when he purchased one of the concepts at the tender age of 17. His initial was sold to help pay for conduct for his wife when she was diagnosed with breast bane. After she passed away, he firm to size another one in nobility of her. He’s actually running on a book about his passion for the cars and the procedure of building this one, and much of the proceeds from his workings will go to breast evil explore.

View more photo!!



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27 08 2008

nice blog

6 11 2008

The best car 🙂

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