New Mazda 3 will be released in next year

1 08 2008

New Mazda 3 will be presented in 2009 and it become new alternative in the family hatchback sector. The car is based on the status-leading Ford Focus, and blends these proven underpinnings with framework expertise from the MX-5.

Refinement and chalet element are high on the agenda for Mazda, so presume loads of pleasant-meet bungalow plastics and a present inspired by the bigger 6. Launch engines will come from the Ford stable, with gasoline units ranging from 1.4 to 2.0 litres and diesels from 1.6 to 2.2 litres.

As engineers made the newest 2 lighter than its predecessor, the new 3 is set to weigh fewer, too. Add in the liberal use of biodegradable supplies, and it will be one of the greenest hatchbacks around.

Read more (photo):

Performance fans will be pleased to hear that a MPS fashion will feature the five-cylinder turbo from the Focus ST. In the Mazda, which is due in 2010, this will deal around 250bhp. And the tasteful look of the modern Mazda 3 MPS is set to be axed in favour of a more alarming goal.

Latest pics of New 2010 Mazda 3:



9 responses

1 08 2008

thanks … great article. i was searching for this. keep it going

3 08 2008
Jim Emerzian

Can you forward info on the new 2010 mazda 3 hatchback?
Thank you

7 08 2008

Why would Mazda replace the current 260 hp 2.3 L direct-injection turbo (winner of Wards 10-best engine-titel 2007) MPS engine with the weaker, 250-hp, mediocre, older construction, Volvo-derived, 5-cylinder engine from Ford Focus RS? That sounds just crazy to me. I don´t believe that until I see it. Much more likely and “more Mazda” with upgraded 2.5 L direct-injection turbo MPS engine with around 300 hp. According to rumours that engine may rather replace the old Volvo 5-cylinder in the Ford (and Volvo) lineup of performance cars.

12 11 2008
Josh Fann

This is not going to happen. I am a Master Tech at Mazda and they have redone the 2.3 to the new 2.5 if they are going to do anything it will be another turbo on it. But sad to say. With Mazda Tradition they will come out with a totally different speed car the Miata was done then you had the 6 and now the 3 the new one my guess will either be the 8 or the miata again

14 09 2009
Cars for sale

The Mazda3’s a great car, it’s still fun to drive as it always was and very econimcal, even without sacrificing sportiness and performance. Interior’s pretty good. And it’s one of the few cars in the world that will smile at you. Thanks to its smiling grille.

14 09 2009
Car Reviews

I wouldn’t mind the grinning-shaped grille. But why did they have to make it so damn big? Big grille, big headlamps, big curves over the headlamps… it just feels like a little car wearing an oversized mask

6 11 2009

Much more likely and “more Mazda” with upgraded 2.5 L direct-injection turbo MPS engine with around 300 hp.

12 11 2009

Love the mazda cars as i`ve owned a 1995 323F for the last 10 years and its never missed a beat and just wont die.Not a bit of rust on it either and i live in a wet coastal region.However it will die one day and my next purchase will likely be this new mazda 3.I love the styling and my old 323 is proof of the mazda build quality.

6 03 2010


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