New 2009 Volkswagen Golf VI Leaked Photo

4 08 2008

Photos of the new Volkswagen Golf VI have leaked out just a few years earlier to its allowed media free. Set to make its municipal unveiling in Paris this October, the hugely important Golf VI represents VW’s best selling classical as well as one of the best selling models in the world.

Despite sure reviews from the pressure for its heavy performance and attractive interior, external plan was to blame for the dawdling selling Golf V in Europe. Additionally, blaming high production expenses as a significance of a lengthy per element manufacturing time, VW brass set out to cut their losses and impulsion development of a new MK VI Golf which is based on the flow MK V platform – just nipped and tucked in all the right places for an earlier turnaround time.

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The Golf VI will have three and five door versions, a rumoured cabriolet and of course the GTI which may get a glass roof. A new 1.6-liter TFSI engine is also said to be on the policy generating about 200 bhp, however, the Golf VI is set to get a new entry rank engine below the 1.4-liter TSI found in the stream generation. According to Wolfgang Steiger, VW’s executive for powertrain examine, tells the new generation Golf will tender also a 1.0-liter or 1.2-liter engine producing 75 horsepower. A last resolve on which displacement will be used is yet to be finalised. It will depend on whether VW management decides three or four cylinders.

Diesel engines are also estimated to equip the hatchback, both in BlueMotion and twin-drive advertise-in mixture versions which are scheduled for statement from 2010. The GTI will get even more potential than the flow exemplar with an engine delivering 230 hp, and an even hotter 4Motion performance book along the shape of the modern R32 producing 265 hp following later.

UPDATED: First official video of the 2009 VW Golf VI:



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6 08 2008
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7 08 2008
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