First Spy Photos of New Mercedes McLaren SLR 722 Roadster

11 08 2008

At first we show some renderings of new Mercedes McLaren SLR 722 Roadster. Today we show, spy shots of it Mercedes-McLaren’s most sensational cabrio to year. The SLR is rapid approaching the end of its seven-year lifespan and the Anglo-German partnership has no meaning of charter the controversial supercar compel off quietly into the twilight.

The SLR 722 cabrio is the exclusive text report of the streamer archetype and will most prone feature the same 5.4-litre, V8 AMG, supercharged engine that drives its hard-top sibling. This will mean about 650bhp, a 0-60mph time of around 3.0 seconds and a colossal 800Nm+ of torque!

Read more (spy shots)!!

Our absolute cinema showed the 722 roadster completly undisgusied. And it looks like it will be almost like to the hard-top, except for its print roof, which takes a mere 10 seconds to fold away. It will also use the easy mid engine – rear sweep propel group.

The special edition roadster gets its name from the prominent Stirling Moss victory in a Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR which displayed on it, the number 722. Details on the 722 roadster’s discharge court are not yet known but it is probable to be early 2009 and it is expected it will conduct a price tag of around £400,000.

Source: Automedia




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11 08 2008

verry nice photos.

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