New 2009 Mercedes E-Class Leaked in German Automag (photo and details)

19 08 2008

German car magazine Autobild introduced the first photos of new 2009 Mercedes E-Class, which will be presented to the public at the Geneva Motor Show (5 to 15 March 2009).

Until then, these first photos enough to recognize that much fresh, different from the family. Like the front, the typical C-Class, with glossy, kantigem grille. Unlike the middle class keeps the most important image makers, however, the striking face-to-face. Only that it no longer round lights shining, but aggressively angular lights.

Due to the growing pedestrian protection E-Class to 4.91 metres in length, changing the wheelbase by two centimetres to 2.87 meters. The chassis will remain at the four-bar front axle, rear axle area handlebars and was only re-vote. Either swing the new E-Class on steel springs or air pillows improved “Airmatic”.

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Mercedes interior promises a touch more space, the trunk sets slightly. It attracts a surcharge equal to an entire column of electronic helpers: for example, lane departure warning system with steering intervention, night vision device, fatigue sensor and dead-spot monitoring. Tools that are already in the current S-Class used, or the model care measures still to be offered. Series protects the E-class passengers for the first time with a knee airbag. Also, the central control knob on the center console comes from the S-Class. Instead of a monitor are the instruments classic round, the dashboard is similar to the new terrain vehicle GLK.

The shares of the new E-Class several engines. Both the diesel and the petrol Stuttgart has large backlog of hybrid technology would grow. BMW continued to be “Efficient Dynamics” with start-stop automatic, Audi made great leaps in direct gasoline engines. And finally, yes finally, it is also progressing at Mercedes. The company continue pursuing the Mercedes Bluetec strategy. This means that soot filters plus two other catalysts catch nitrogen oxides in the exhaust tract to next year from the current Euro 5 emissions standard to meet. The E 300 with 211 hp is the strongest market for CDI, later followed by a six-cylinder with 252 hp, 2010 is expected to Mercedes‘ first diesel-hybrid. The petrol is the electrical support yet equally available – hybrid, there is only once in the S-class and in the large SUV. A new V6 with 204 hp, the entrance is the E 200 Kompressor (184 hp), and the top marked the 500th E On gasoline above 400 hp Mercedes waived only once.

Source: Autobild

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25 09 2008

the interior looks like the C class, lets hope its not. The C has hard plastics that look cheap. the new E interior centre console looks like the 1985 200E.. yuk

9 12 2008
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24 01 2009
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5 02 2009
Mr. Mensah

Kindly send your prices for the New E-Class Compressor Avantgurd with leather interior.
Thank you

19 02 2009
Willow Laboratories


23 02 2009

ne var lan it oglu it. seni bi sikerim aklin basina gelir amina koduğumun evladı.
şerefsiz pezevenk.
git nereye şikayet edeceksen et etmezsen ben seni şikayet edicem şerefsiz.

6 07 2009

Maybe it’s me…but doesn’t that ugly crap look remarkably like the Pontiac Grand Prix?! I own an older model E-Class, and this design looks like pieces left over from the Class that Mercedes had laying around.

Let’s only hope this ‘leak’ will have a redesign before the ‘premier’ model shows up. The design isn’t new…it looks like the 2008 Chryslers and Toyotas. What’s ‘new’ is that Mercedes has stopped leading the design to become an ‘also ran’. Hell, I have friends with Beamers who can’t stop talking about the way Mercedes always seems to add that little ‘extra’ missing from BMW’s styling…well, they can stop talking now.

This will go down in history as the 2009 Mercedes That Wanted To Be A Chrysler!

15 10 2014
thue xe mercedes tu lai

thue xe mercedes tu lai

New 2009 Mercedes E-Class Leaked in German Automag (photo and details) | It’s your auto world :: New cars, auto news, reviews, photos, videos …

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