New Peugeot ‘RC…’ Concept with Hybrid Power will be Present at Paris Motor Show

21 08 2008

Peugeot is preparing to Paris Motor Show a new concept car, and has given us a bit of a heads-up in the form of a few images and some details.

With the name of the actual car not yet free, Peugeot is referring to the show car as the RC, adopting the same thematic nomenclature as the RC Spade and RC Diamond concepts from 2002 and the 908RC view vehicle from the last Paris Motor Show in 2006. Like those concepts, this one is not doomed directly to preview a production car in the pipeline. However, it does foreshadow Peugeot’s new design direction.

Read more (+photo gallery)!!

The four-door theory’s styling melds easy flowing ranks and promptly creases to make for a stunning figure, and moves the titanic lion insignia past south, not disparate the Audi R8’s framework. The echoes of Ingolstadt aren’t new for Peugeot, with many asserting that the 308 RC Z rented too sturdily from the Audi TT. As for propulsion, Peugeot insists that “admire for the environment and major pleasure can be compatible,” and so have integral the RC with an unspecified cross powertrain producing a limit of 313 hp and emitting only 109 g/km of CO2 in gasoline type and zero in electric.




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