New small SUV Mercedes-Benz BLK planned For 2011

21 08 2008

Mercedes-Benz is planning a new small crossover, provisionally called BLK, for launch in late 2011 as part of the new A and B-Class ranges.

The BLK will slot into the line-up below the superior GLK and compete with the likes of the forthcoming BMW X1 and Land Rover LRX in a new market segment for small, premium SUVs.

The BLK will get four-circle hammer and there is also the possibility of a front-controls-take ‘eco’ style of the car. A choice of four-cylinder address-booster gasoline and diesel engines are being lined up, sized between 1.6 litres and 2.2 litres.
View more artist renderings of new Mercedes BLK!!

Source: Autocar




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31 05 2010
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31 05 2010
11 03 2012

What’s the price range of the Blk’s

15 12 2012

Awesome,I’ll buy one.

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