Mazda Kazamai Concept Officially Revaled at Moscow Auto Show 2008 (photo)

26 08 2008

Today Mazda Kazamai, one of our favorite Nagare-themed concepts, was officially revaled  at the 2008 Moscow International Auto Show (MIAS) and giving us a foretaste of what its forthcoming CX-5 compact cross may look like. Featuring an evolved Nagare ‘gush’ figure theme, the 3door concept crossover’s styling is more realistic compared to previous Mazda concepts like the Taiki and Ryuga. There are no pictures of the Kazamai’s interior but Mazda says it that it can seat four passengers in comfort.

With a chunk of 4,520mm and a width of 1,930mm, the Kazamai Concept is vaguely bigger than the stream Mazda3. The Japanese automaker claims thought that merit to the total use of lightweight equipment and new processing/union technologies, the Kazamai is 100kg or 220-lbs lighter than related models. This contributes to better handling and improved fuel reduced and CO2 emissions.

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Power comes from a next-generation 2.0-litre blunt-injection gasoline engine with combustion running technology and patchy valve restraint, which Mazda engineers are developing. The 2.0-liter DISI petrol engine is coupled to a lightweight, next-generation compact 6-hustle natural transmission and a four-veer instinct approach.

According to the Japanese automaker, in combination with the Kazamai’s aerodynamics and its lightweight body, the powertrain would supply an estimated 30 percent improvement in fuel consumption and emissions versus the stream MZR 2.0-litre petrol engine.

Mazda Kazamai Concept gallery:



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24 08 2010

I think it is ridiculous that the US gets all of these safe looking boring cars, and then Japan and China get these awesome models. If Mazda was smart, they would market this to a younger generation, like Toyota did with Scion.

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