Wow, Colin McRae tribute parade from nearly 1,100 Subaru Imprezas (photo)

2 09 2008

Unbelievable, a convoy of an estimated 1100 Subaru Imprezas cars stretching 30 miles troop in formation from McRae’s home on Saturday August 30, 2008, in honor of the late Colin McRae. Nine hours and 30 miles later, the party inwards at Prodrive’s headquarters in Banbury, having been cheered along the way by thousands of fans who stood on every unfilled motorway conduit on direct.

“Literally every link had people waving and kindly us along with the execution the Saltire from the railings.” Said Grant Hendry, who led the McRae Gathering party. “It bowed what was an already memorable happening into an indeed amazing and emotional instance.”

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On Sunday morning, the convoy re-convened at Prodrive’s headquarters before being led up the M40 by Colin McRae’s unique 1996 Impreza meeting car. In a right finish to the episode, an indicator almost half a mile long and made up of 1086 Subaru‘s spelled out COLIN MCRAE along with the Scottish Saltire in a new officer Guinness World Record – smashing the preceding facts by more than 800 cars. The cars then ruined a support Guinness World Record, previously detained by the Mitsubishi Lancer Register, by creating the largest parade of cars as they left the Prodrive adversity footstep.

It is estimated that the affair has raised near $80,000 for the McRae charities.



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3 09 2008

The convoy looks great. My company own the Radical SR3 road legal racing car that Colin had built for his own use in Majorca.
Take a look at:


25 09 2008

5th gear had a segment on this as well…great coverage:


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