Bugatti Veyron crashed by UK driver (photo)

3 09 2008

The £840,000 Bugatti Veyron was crashed in UK. Supercar looks to have mowed down a large section of hedge-row before finally coming to a stop in a field completing a 180 degree spin.

Details are scarce but it appears the driver lost control on a long curve in West Berkshire, UK. The furrowed front ended and left front section panel, undercarriage and collapsed windshield specify this was more than a youngster off-path jaunt, marking the support documented Veyron clatter.

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Though the car does not appear to have been rolled over, the damage to the windshield is significant, and appears to have come from the front or above the car. The portion of a hierarchy immovable through the left headlight taken with the dejected remnant in the foreground of another photo shows the accident may have at slightest somewhat featured the tree in a key role as well.

Apart from the verity of the accident itself, little is known other than that the driver mystified monitor on a long curve. Given the car’s ending orientation to the road, it may have purely come down to tempo-induced under steer pushing the car against the apron where it subsequently struck several edge obstacles, plus a hedgerow, a tree and the wheat tackle.

Source: [GT Spirit]



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5 09 2008


4 11 2010

what is that he is a motherfucker but he got a bugatti oh i hate this shit it isn’t fair

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