Citroen C5 Tuned by Musketier

3 09 2008

Citroen drivers have always been considered as connoisseurs with a knack for exceptional. And it is difficult to mainstream design of the rod lure. This applies to the early models as well as for the current Citroen C5. The meet its almost strict lines but also the sophisticated taste of German customers.

And for the first time the French pursue the issue of suspension two philosophies. The conventional steel suspension comes in the often chosen to use basic equipment, the famous spring hydropneumatic suspension remains the better design lines. For the first case, Citroën specialist Musketier now a spring rate that ensures the body to send about 35 millimeters tieferlegt. A better cross dynamics and of course the visual stimulus justify the measure. Despite the increased performance remains a more than adequate rest comfort. The real sensation but is the world’s first appearance package for the new Citroen C5.

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The package consists of a sporty and elegant front lip spoiler, a rear apron and its side. All parts fit harmoniously into the chic design of the C5. Highlights alloy wheels set in the 20-inch format. The popular Tettsut-rim in the 9×20-inch dimension with tires 245er seems like for the Frenchman. In addition, the tuner is a special sport exhaust system on offer, with different designs Tail pipe can be individualized. For the pitch at the rear of the front C5 provides a performance increase. For all the self-ignition variants realized Musketier up to 37 hp more power and 100 Newton metres more torque.

Source: [Autobild]



3 responses

14 01 2009

Wow..that’s cools
How much would it cost?

15 01 2009

nice car…
i want have it!!!

5 12 2009

Nice car… but I prefer my 911 :-/

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