New 2009 Honda City Launches in Thailand

15 09 2008

Honda has revealed all-new City in Thailand and started selling it immediately. The new Honda City is powered by a 1.5 liter i-VTEC engine mated to either 5 speed manual or automatic transmission. It is 4,395mm long, 1,695mm expansive and 1,470mm tall, so it is faintly longer (+5mm), slightly wider (+5mm) but not as tall (-25mm) as the before ideal. Making it wider and not as high reduces the entirety hatchback with a boot tagged on look that the City it replaces had.

It’s somewhat an attractive car and the lines arise a lot smoother than the pattern it replaces. The new City is sold in Thailand in three variants: S, V and SV. The S and V variants come with a taupe interior while the top of the line SV classical comes with a murky interior and all 3 variants also come with different alloy circle designs.

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The City presented in six colors sheme  – Habanera Red Pearl, Deep Lapis Blue Metallic, Alabaster Metallic, Polished Metal Metallic and Bold Beige Metallic and Crystal Black Pearl. Sadly ashen does not exist but perhaps it will be in Malaysia. If Honda Malaysia deems it as a potentially current color, but we think it would be.

Honda City promotion video:




One response

27 09 2008

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