New Saab 9X Air Concept Previewed ahead Paris

16 09 2008

This is the first images of an open top version of the Saab 9X Hybrid, called 9X Air. No aspect details are known about this vehicle, but the open top takes more of a speedster look to it sooner than the more conventional convertible body tailors.

The new idea follows the 9X BioHybrid Concept which was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show prior, receiving a varied effect. On one hand we had a great looking exemplar which supposedly previews the 9-1 production car, but on the other hand it was a view created on the shoddy – nothing other than a body bombard mold which you can do little more than look at it.

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A new BioHybrid engine was also lauded about, but what is the situation of departing foolish about some amalgam engine that can’t even be ambitious? Facts like these make any new derivative of the theory tricky to take honestly. Regardless of how good this model may be, Saab poverty to give a good production side to the sell to give enthusiasts something to get excited about. New Saab 9X Air Concept will be presented at Paris Motor Show next month.

UPDATED: Saab releases official details for 9-X Air Concept. The concepts appear to be almost identical right down to sharing the same turbocharged 1.4L Saab BioPower engine producing 197bhp.

UPDATED: Video – Saab 9X Air Convertible Concept:



One response

20 12 2008
Har inte tur med begagnade bilar

I love Saab. Too bad that Saab may disappear soon. I think it is GM’s fault.

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