VW revaled new Pickup Concept, Previews 2010 Robust Pickup (photo)

23 09 2008

Volkswagen after many speculations showed their Pickup Concept, which proper unveiling at the 62nd IAA Commercial Vehicles Show. It previews the complete production exemplar presently in development which we trust will carry the consider Robust or perhaps Taro. We have seen prototypes on several occasions but transient body panels have suspended the ending styling, this production looking belief gives us object to trust the final ideal’s styling will not bend far from what we see before us.

The Pickup Concept follows a sand squad theme with its cerulean LED light fitted on the roof of the vehicle and you can barely fail to see the SAR (hunt and rescue) stickers plastered on the side of its body. It boasts a five-foot shipment vicinity along with a two example track that smartly stores critical tools for the day-to-day operations of a sand squad vehicle. It features a double-cab blueprint with a focus console that has a multifunction touchscreen that pedals the radio-navigation order.

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Volkswagen will arise production of the 1 ton truck in the plummet of 2009 at its deposit in Pachero Argentina with sales to arise soon after in the models key markets: South America, South Africa, Australia and Europe. There are no confirmations on when, or if the restart will make it to US seaboard, but indeed that can’t be too far circular the place.

UPDATED: Photos from live presentation at the 2008 IAA:




2 responses

29 09 2008

I love this VW.
I need one, want one!!

20 05 2010

this is the coolest truck in germany…this will be my next truck! if you dont like this truck you are insane

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