Chrysler debuts all-Electric Dodge EV, Jeep EV and Chrysler EV cars

24 09 2008

Today Chrysler LLC present all-electric versions of the Chrysler Town & Country, Jeep Wrangler along with a Dodge branded sportscar based on the Lotus Europa. Chrysler intends to have 100 of these vehicles on the highway next year with the Government set to be the highest beneficiary before bursting production begins in 2010 for trade in the North American and European markets. The technology combines an exciting motor that drives the wheels along with a future lithium-ion series order and a controller that manages energy gush.

“This technology provides customers with a vehicle that has nothing tailpipe emissions and a 150- to 200-mile dynamic series – far exceeding most Americans’ daily commutes, as virtually 80 percent of Americans energy excluding than 40 miles per day, or 14,000 miles per year,” said Frank Klegon, Executive Vice President – Product Development, Chrysler LLC. “Electric Vehicles afford the opportunity to fulfil gathering responsibility, decrease dependency on exotic oil, and eliminate monthly petrol bills, while delivering performance and function that our customers implore.”

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The most impressive drivetrain is featured in the Dodge EV, the 268 horsepower (200kW) emotional motor generates a weighty 600Nm (442lb-ft) of torque. It allows the replica to launch from zero to 60mph in fewer than 5 seconds awaiting it reaches a top race of 120mph, its quarter mile time sits below 13 seconds. Charging can be done from a average 220-volt or 110-volt household socket which will control the vehicle in four hours and eight hours respectively, it ultimately gives the Dodge EV a forceful variety of up to 200 miles.

Moving up an alongside to the Jeep Wrangler, the same 268 horsepower thrilling motor is found with a crop of 400Nm (295lb-ft) of torque. It is shared with a small petrol engine to give the mode an uninterrupted heavy breadth of 400 miles, with 40 of these miles achieved through zero emission electric only maneuver.



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12 03 2009

please let me know if you have the Wrangler ev on your lot

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