First Official Images of new 2009 Volkswagen Golf MkVI GTI

25 09 2008

Today Volkswagen released the first images of the all-new Golf GTI MkVI, which will be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show next week. The model isn’t due to be free to be released until Spring 2009, so we suppose the show car to conduct an archetype ticket, but little will change once the perfect hits the production line.

Technically the new GTI hasn’t changed much, perhaps to cease the model from stepping on the toes of the new Scirocco, the engine gets a command boost of 10bhp charming total crop to 207bhp while emissions are down by 11g/km. The improved facts were achieved with a new induction organism and for the first time on a GTI, Volkswagen have introduced its new electronic imperfect-sneak differential which they call XDS.

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The front abundant features a one slice air intake and a set of fog light that are so spacious on the super they are almost on the fender panels, but do a great job of inducing a widebody appearance. The rear gets a twin exhaust set up housed around the diffuser while the standard GTI wheels from the MkV are retained for the new generation.

Remember, the first VW Golf GTI start in 1976. It has 110 hp engine and 183 km / h fast.



5 responses

22 01 2009
Moloko Luckie Meela

No no no! Vw should have worked harder, this is not what i have expected, i rather go 4 the GTI5, The GTI6 IS NOT AGGRESSIVE BY THE LOOKS.

Not impressed at all.

11 03 2009

i want one… like yesterday!

20 05 2009
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[…] has officially unveiled to the public. The R-version is powered by a reworked version of the before Golf GTI V’s 2.0 engine boasting a higher pressure turbocharger as well as other modifications such as […]

13 07 2009

Excellent site, useful information thanks …

18 11 2009

i want one as in like last year the new golf 6 gti is attractive

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