Sneak Preview: Aston Martin One-77 Supercar at Paris 2008

2 10 2008

Today at the Paris Motor Show Aston Martin give press a sneak preview of it’s new One-77 Supercar. The Brits brought along with them a prototype model of the overhyped Project One-77. And while everyone was expecting that Aston Martin would fully unveil the 7.3-litre V12 supercar, the Brits simply lifted part of the cover revealing only a fraction of the vehicle’s front-end! If that’s not a tease, we don’t what it is.

Earlier this week further details of Aston Martin’s £1million one-77 supercar surfaced after a sales document found its way to the internet, something that has done nothing but drum up additional excitement towards the model.

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Obviously today’s Paris Motor Show has come way too soon for us to be able to see the model in its full glory, but the British marque had nothing else going on, so they brought along a veil covered prototype to give the media an early peak at its styling. It also makes up for the disappointment of Aston Martin‘s failure to bring along a production ready version of the Rapide four-door coupe.

UPDATED: Aston Martin CEO Bez Ulrich and chief designer Mark Reichman sat down to discuss the One-77 with the cameras rolling, and the two key players on team Martin seem to be in love with this vehicle. Above to see more glimpses of the One-77 lurking in the shadows, while Bez and Mark shower the mega-exclusive supercar with verbal praise. Watch video:

UPDATED: with new images



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3 10 2008
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28 10 2008
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