First official images of new 2010 Toyota Prius!

16 10 2008

Probably these are the first official images of next-generation Toyota Prius, which have leaked on the web by someone user at PriusChat. He present photo of what appears to be the next generation Prius or at least a very fantastic photoshop work of what the new Prius will be looks like.

Updated: Toyota confirms, these first official photo of next-gen Toyota Prius, which will be debut at Detroit Show in January 2009

The Hybrid Synergy Drove approach will bring over chiefly unchanged but the present 1.5L engine will be replaced with a more good 1.6L division. Power will be increased but fuel-saving will better the recent model’s EPA rating of 48mpg in the city (4.9L/100km) and 45mpg (5.22L/100km) on the highway.

Raed more (+photo)!!

Toyota has done this by installing a more competent powertrain with enhanced batteries for longer thrilling-only forceful, as well as scheming a lighter body still the vast use of advanced composites in its construction.

A new sequence factory being constructed in Japan will ensure there are no delays in the supply of nickel-metal hydride batteries for the new Prius, and will suffice pending a lithium-ion socket-in report is released in 2010. Other updates contain the potential addition of solar roof panels to help country the car’s helping matter such as the air-conditioning and electronic steering approach.

Pricing is expected to be somewhat above the current car’s $22,160 origin price in the U.S. but any boost will be modest.

Source: [PriusChat]




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