New 2009 Volkswagen Polo Leaked (photo and details)

16 10 2008

These the first images of the fifth-generation Volkswagen Polo. The styling will carefully mimic that of the new Golf MkVI as VW aims to restore its look throughout the make.

New VW Polo came to the dealers in may 2009. Then 2010 follows the CrossPolo in off-road look – again, only with front-wheel drive – and for certain markets, the Polo sedan.

Top models will get luxury kit such as touchscreen sat-nav, mandatory square help and a rear watch camera. The security and conduct are boosted, too, due to enhanced structural stiffness and a tweaked framework. The engine breadth kicks off with two gasoline-powered three-cylinders delivering 59bhp or 69bhp.

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Due later in summer 2009, the Polo Bluemotion will land, powered by a 74bhp 1.2-litre TDI diesel with 180Nm of torque. Longer gearing and modified aerodynamics will produce emissions down to only 89g/km of CO2, meaning the develop exempt from street tax.

The lingering engines should cater for every penury. Three 1.4-litre petrol units – a normal 84bhp, 104bhp TSI and 168bhp TSI GTI – will be followed by a trio of diesels. These 1.6-litre powerplants come with 69bhp, 89bhp or 104bhp. The VW Group’s brilliant seven-swiftness amplify-grip DSG gearbox may also find its way onto some variants, but most models are apt to get a flag manual, with an auto on offer with some engines.


The new Volkswagen Polo Mk V has been finally unveiled at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show. The new Polo is now even better, improved its performance in packaging, efficiency, dynamics and styling. Production of the car starts in the summer for the UK sell, with deliveries expected to open October.

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2009 Volkswagen Polo MK V official photo



32 responses

16 10 2008

Cant see the difference between Golf and Polo …
I’m too tired i think 🙂

7 11 2008

vw fox is the smallest followed by vw polo. vw golf / rabbit is the ‘biggest’ of the small car portifolio. all vw cars need to be equipped with 7 speed dsg gear boxes and paddle shifts to increase the ‘crave’ factor.

9 11 2008 » Blog Archive » 2009 Volkswagen Polo

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11 12 2008

Another dumb VW.

23 01 2009
Booked VW Polo Diesel - Page 2 - Team-BHP

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1 02 2009

VW stylists have certainly lost their way with this weak attempt,looks more like a silly mazda 2. i don’t foresee a lot of these being sold,if so, a definite chick car like the mazda 2,alas VW did loose the plot with the polo gti,a definite disgrace to the GTi badge.

1 02 2009

I agree, another dumb VW that looks like a mazda.

10 02 2009
2 03 2009

Looking good!

But note to the author: your English grammar and tense needs a lot of polishing.

2 03 2009
Shrawan Raja

This is one of the very few images of the next VW Polo. A lot of resemblance to the Golf. The next Fiat Grande Punto, will also have a lot in common with the upmarket Bravo. Automakers are following similar strategies around the world.

2 03 2009
First photo of the new 2009 VW Polo Revealed on Geneva Billboard Ads « - It’s your auto world :: New cars, car news, reviews, photo, video…

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5 03 2009

another VW attempt to compete itself, new polo seems still not appearing sufficiently at least by design, forthermore will be pricy as always has been

11 03 2009
New VW Polo to go live at Geneva tomorrow? | Indian Autos blog

[…] Image Source- Auto world […]

8 04 2009

emm… cognitively )

16 04 2009

hm. amazing

11 05 2009

this is how the new golf should have looked.

13 05 2009

looks like the ugly Mazda 2:(( Hate it

3 06 2009

i have driven one and if you think its anything like a mazda 2 your are mistaken!!! amazing car and the drive is brilliant.

19 06 2009

Nice car, im definetly getting one for myself.

29 06 2009

Looks like mazda 2. hope it’s a little bigger than that

15 07 2009

سعر 20 سياره قوه 1.6 عادي

14 08 2009

I love it, its more suitable for girls though.

29 08 2009

m sticking to my old one

13 11 2009
Portland Volkswagen

Volkswagen’s TDI technology is amazing. It is amazing that they are not importing the Polo to the states…

21 11 2009
k.b leokama

Wel it looks like a golf six people,it just looks smaller.VW people are out of ideas,and definetly u copied the mazda 2

29 11 2009

Thumbs up for a new Polo, it looks good.

16 01 2010

I drove the 1.4 84 bhp and thought it was great car, so i bought the 1.2 105bhp and well pleased

22 01 2010

This is so attracting, I am waiting for i’ GTI and i will be driving just one month after the launch.

30 03 2010

Awesome pics.. I’m sure this would be lot better than the old one.. Great info there.. I was not aware of. I was just wondering if I could do a blog roll link exchane. Please check my blog

9 02 2011
Zwelethu Magwaza

i was thrilled to see it, this ultimately means the VW designers takes their time to bring the fresh breath in the market. i wish everyone could get a test drive for it.

10 06 2011

i have driven one and if you think its anything like a mazda 2 your are mistaken!!! amazing car and the drive is brilliant.

9 10 2011

Does it handle like a GTI?

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