New 2009 Volkswagen Polo Leaked (photo and details) » volkswagen-polo-2009-img_1


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19 06 2009

Polo? …the new MiniGolf !!!

5 11 2009

thank god i bought the 2008 model. this 1 is ugly!

23 12 2009
Noluthando Tutani

No Sorry. No offence but it’s not great. It’s too round and looks like a mini golf 6. I was expecting something better than this. I’m glad I own a 2006 model.

11 02 2010

its very nice and im in a process of buying it hoping that my deal will be approved

17 02 2010

cooooooooooooooooooooooooooool is myyyyyyyyyyyyy

7 04 2010
Abin Poulose

Details of Polo Disel

12 08 2010

Haha I love it how all you people who have the old version of this car and can’t afford this one are slating it! tee he he

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