Ferrari 360 Modena Crashed into the pole in Walkerville, Australia

29 10 2008

A young man crashed a $250,000 Ferrari 360 Modena, but remarkably escaped sincere injury, when he crashed it into a Stobie pole at Walkerville, Adelaide, South Australia. The driver and his passenger have been full to Royal Adelaide Hospital for action after the accident just before noon.

Both men walked from the wreck, parting the posh five-year-old vehicle against the extreme on Lansdowne Ave. The car crashed a few notes after residents saw it “zing-zing” preceding their homes at high race.

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“I was scarce my house chatting and we heard something fly up and it was this black Ferrari,” said Vlado, who did not give his surname. “It sounded just like, `energy, dynamism”, as it want past.”

Vlado said he walked “two blocks” around the angle when he saw a fire truck come to see the Ferrari smashed against the stake. He said the men were “fortunate to be booming”. “The Stobie gash the car in two and it’s basically up where the gear weld should be,” he said.



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8 11 2008
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12 03 2009
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14 03 2009
Townsville Talk Forum

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14 03 2009
Townsville Talk Forum

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5 11 2010

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