LIVE at SEMA 2008: Four Chevrolet Camaro Concepts and Accessories Revealed

4 11 2008

GM officially present 4 Camaro concepts at the SEMA show 2008. We knew we’d see some variations of the Chevrolet Camaro on present, but the facts had us aching to see the in self. While each has their own rare pull, the LS7 Concept stood outmost.


Designed to be something of a bewilder-back to the glory being of the muscle car era when somebody in the know could toddle into their district Chevy dealer and limit the COPO box to order up a chase-bred, fire-breathing 427 V8 in the engine bay, this LS7 Concept shows what 2010 Camaro shoppers might be able to do with a great letter-prose struggle. The LS7, as its name implies, skin the GM Performance Parts LS7. Crate motor tuned to fabricate 550 horsepower gratitude to several GMPP performance accessories.

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As we told you in the preview, a Tremec six-event manual handles shifting duties, Brembo brakes make it block, 20-crawl custom wheels help it look the part, and a lowered harass height gives it the absolute handle. As good as all that sounds, it looks even better in the metal, especially in the concept’s Victory Red paint.


GM pulled out every comic it had in the Camaro deck today. One of them was suffused in golden and crammed with a swarm of GM Accessories options, like contrasting area sills and front spoiler, the hockey fuse stripe envelop, and 21-edge wheels in machined aluminum with black accents. One thing we realized when receiving up close and private is that the inside the Camaro is as brunette as a casket. It might not be a bad idea to splurge for the interior lighting packet if you want to see who’s in the car with you.


The Dale Jr. Camaro is something old and something new, with a biofuel V8 that’s been tweaked for a little more horsepower, and the monster is shifted with a Hurst brisk-puzzle. Outside, bleak-over-pasty goes will all sorts of stripes and emblems, where inside the car is black with carroty edging and gets a pleasant set of sallow center console gauges. And that ducktail merge spoiler? Straight out of ’69. The car should come with an 8-imprints of Bryan Adams’ Greatest Hits, which doubtless wouldn’t sound too bad on the Boston Acoustics organism.


The Camaro Black Concept is the car this blogger equated to utter badass one year ago, after forceful the Camaro Convertible Concept. The blacked-out comment exterior offset by a matte hood go perfectly with the red nimbus rings around the headlights. Frankly, we’d inferior it even more over the 21-edge wheels, but we wouldn’t finger the black interior with red interior lighting. We didn’t imagine GM to put the 6-cylinder in it, but based on the sound it made rolling by, it’s not a riddle. The Camaro got its first star stroll in Transformers, and if Hollywood ever decides to recreate The Car, this one is the star. Until then, you can invoice out the gallery of high-res photos below.


The Camaro GS Race Car Concept takes its inspiration from the Trans Am racer of Mark Donohue, but Riley Technologies updates it with a just a few go-momentary add-ons. The body vein-welded, the hood, crate lid, and doors are swapped for carbon structure components, and in the front a racing warmer and an upgraded engine cooler are fixed.


The production LS3 V8 swaps gears although a Tremec close-assign six-haste gearbox, and all those useless hydrocarbons exit through three-shuffle dual exhaust pipes. Even better than all that: you can buy it from Riley for the 2009 Grand season. Check out the demand announce after the jerk and the live high-res photos below.

Photos copyright ©2008 Frank Filipponio/Weblogs, Inc.




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