SEMA Hummers: Amazing and Strange

5 11 2008

At the SEMA 2008 Auto Show, we find some interesting options for Hummer tuning. Some of them really amazing, but others is very strange. Let’s watch it on photo.



It doesn’t scare us that somebody makes a 30-inch wheels. It does that somebody actually makes a 30-shuffle tire. We are behinds the time because Pirelli has been making the Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico in 315/30R30 sizes since 2006. We stippled two single Hummer H2s fair the exhaust along with two secede wheels – one with the Giovanna Caracas-8 and the other with Asanti AF 143, both, of course, in chrome.

Read more (+photo gallery)!!

We’d genuinely like to know how a Hummer H2 handles with 30-crawl wheels in place, and we can’t dream what these do to the cycle eminence. The very kicker? We did a seek for the Pirelli tires and found that they run for just over $2,000… Each. If you contain a mean like the wretched H2 did, that means you’re putting out well over $10,000 just in tires.



Tracked Hummer H2T At SEMA 2008:

If you’ve got a H2T but you’re not favorable with the gas mileage — sentence it way too high — your options are imperfect. Sure, you could bolt on performance mods, but we’d propose these elegant and delicate tracked belts to change your helpful pneumatic tires.


This H2 was spotted unlikely the Vegas convention nucleus warm all who ventured out to see the SEMA fest, garlanded in two-tone green-and-black, immediate to crawl to your beloved stick.



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