Final teaser image #14 of new 2010 Ford Mustang

14 11 2008

Due overdue next year for the 2010 paradigm year, Ford will be updating its iconic muscle car with several changes to its external as well as a finish refurbish of its powertrain organize to calm those worried about fuel-wealth. This absolute puzzler idea show some of the car’s highlights and warning at the slimmer styling that Ford is generous the Mustang.


The hottest in the long line of teasers – 14 in complete – reveals the rear fascia of the car, with the taillights and a duck-tail rear deck spoiler. Still no revolutionary redesigns, but somewhat a freshening of the free car’s position. This tormenter is estimated to be the last to come before the car’s bare to the prosecute at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

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The earlier puzzler photo shows the shiftknob as well as part of the seat console, bountiful a good taste of the interior. The shot of the front right district panel in the spy photos, meanwhile, reveals that the new car will actually try to look slimmer, however, as the prior cartridge and images bare, a known connection to the tide car’s styling will continue. Nevertheless, there are a few fine niceties that have been misused.

As for the engine encode, Ford has reportedly sped up the introduction of its next-generation engines because of the tough new CAFE fuel-cheap regulations. The 4.0L V6 engine will wait, however the V8 line-up could be replaced with a new EcoBoost V6 engine for better efficiency with V8 authority levels, still a 5.0L SOHC V8 is also still a possibility. The 6.2L Boss V8 program has been floating, however, making a new ‘Boss’ account dubious, at slightest in traditional form.




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18 11 2008
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4 12 2008
John Carmichael

I think I’ll wait for that acr to come. Very informative site. I had a very nice read, well laid.

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