20 New Porsches were damaged after Trains collide in Germany

18 11 2008

Last night, two freight trains collided in the town of Dillenburg in Germany. One train was carrying oil, while the other was carrying around 106 units of the new Porsche 911’s 20 of which were totally damaged – that’s about a millions Euros worth – which won’t be making it to dealerships any time soon.


According to the helpful chap who took the pics, there were around 150 emergency services people on the scene. Oddly, the number of pikeys seeing what they can scrounge to sell on eBay wasn’t reported.

View more photo!!




4 responses

18 11 2008
trance man

Ouch, fuckk…

18 11 2008
ian in hamburg

That’s what I call a good start. Nothing more annoying than a Porsche driver.

3 12 2008

where were all the cars taken after the accident? if some1 wants to purchase the damaged cars? whats the prosecure?

3 12 2008

I think many people want to buy one of this car))

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