Nissan 370Z Nismo: More photos leaked Ahead of Launch

2 12 2008

The new Nissan 370Z is coming soon and Nissan’s in-house tuner, Nismo, has released any official information and new photo.


Nismo, little for Nissan Motorsport, is the Japanese carmaker’s certified in-house tuner and has been deceitful and house performance parts for countless Nissan vehicles for days. Nismo’s most fresh performance package was for the already formidable GT-R, which included an entirety assortment of performance parts ranging from country mods, to aerodynamic aids, and even interior frill.

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New Ford Ranger Max Pickup Concept debuts at Thailand Motor Show

2 12 2008

New Ford Ranger Max is currently one of Ford’s star attractions at the 2008 Thailand International Motor Show. Painted in a hue of orange, officially labelled as “Mango Hit”, the Ranger Max is exhibited as the handy/ active guy’s ultimate companion on four wheels.’

Ford Ranger Max

The Ranger is already acknowledged as a pretty tough customer, but in Max, Ford has created something beyond just tough. It’s added something of a visually arresting bold design, some of whose themes will surely appear in future production models.

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