G-Power Hurricane BMW M5 RS – “World’s Fastest Street-Legal Sedan”

23 12 2008

G-POWER did it again and broke the long-standing record of the tuning giant BRABUS for the fastest street-legal sedan in the world. At first, G-Power unveiled its 225mph (360km/h) Hurricane M5, based on the BMW M5. That car used a brace of blowers on the M5’s V10 to raise supremacy by almost 50% to 730hp.


Then Brabus revealed their Rocket, based on the Mercedes CLS but with a bored out, twin-turbo V12 that propelled the car to 227mph (365.7km/h) much to the consternation of G-Power. Now, however, G-Power has domestic the trophy for the world’s fastest street-legal sedan with the unveiling its new G-Power Hurricane M5 ‘RS’.

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The new Hurricane RS takes right in the M5 from the already elevated 730hp to an even more insane 750 livestock. With just a 20hp mount, the Hurricane RS was able to brawl the title for fastest sedan back from Brabus, posting a top speed of 228.3mph (367.4km/h) at its analyze footstep.

The bonus 20 livestock were found by increasing the boost levels on the turbochargers, however according to G-Power there expand space to up the boost – something the troupe may have to do once Brabus unveils its next super sedan in the hopes of reclaiming the best.



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