New 2010 Cadillac SRX Officially Revealed (photo+video)

5 01 2009

The new 2010 Cadillac SRX has been officially revealed before the Detroit Auto Show. A mid-magnitude luxury crossover, the next generation SRX will be prominently displayed in Detroit.


Featuring a range between two different outspoken booster V6 engines, it seems Cadillac is a bit unsure what the honestly point of this vehicle is. On the one hand, Cadillac is claiming this SUV cross to be very fuel useful. In certainty, the SUV will get no better than 25 mpg on the highway, and poorer in the city.

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The new SRX is even close to the previously announced range of 4300 to 4600 lbs. then the 260 hp degree 3.0-liter engine will austerely not do the job. Granted, that is five more cattle under the covering than the tide usual SRX engine, but the offered SRX weighs wherever from 200 to 500 lbs fewer than the next gen.

It appeal noting that the elective 2.8 liter turbocharged V6 does get 300 horsepower with 295 ft-lb of torque, making the engine parallel in supremacy ratings to division competitor Infiniti EX35. However, the EX35 vile paradigm weighs virtually 1,000 pounds excluding than the next Cadillac SRX will. And the EX35 costs as much as $10,000 less than the SRX.

Engines will be mated to a six-rush automated transmission with an “eco-form” backdrop. When enabled, eco-form changes the stint points for utmost fuel market.

The SRX comes with a retractable navigation partition at the axis of the instrument console. Headlights change their slant in bike with the steering sweep. The liftgate is powered, and has an adjustable height locale. A hard recording maneuver is built in for mp3 storeroom, while two record screens are integrated for a rear entertainment approach. Bluetooth and OnStar come banner.

All-wheel-guide is free as a choice, along with an electronic narrow-skid differential. 18″ wheels come everyday, with 20-shuffle wheels presented as a choice. The large five-seater is skillful of towing 3,500 pounds.

The new SRX is built more for security and comfort than performance and fuel efficiency. The body and chassis were built to be dazzling, and not necessarily light. Heavy martensitic steel was worn at assorted points to shield passengers from incursion into the cabin during a part-bearing fold. That steel was also used to prevent hurt to the casing in front and rear crashes. Head curtain air bags come everyday, as does pelvic flank air bags. Seat belts have two pretensioners to keep passengers compact in their seats, while a rollover-prevention routine hopes to make those seatbelts less essential.

The new 2010 Cadillac SRX Crossover will debut on Sunday, January 11 at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.




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22 01 2009

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