2010 Ford Taurus revealed at the Detroit Auto Show 2009

13 01 2009

Ford officially reveals 2010 Taurus at the Detroit Auto Show 2009. The new Taurus has been completely redesigned, and Ford hopes all these changes to the outer, interior, platform and powertrain will add up to a sated-size car admirable of the Taurus name.

2010 Ford Taurus

The current Taurus‘ shape is based closely on that of the previous Five Hundred vehicle with a Passat-like profile and minimal surfaces with little specify. Ford designers threw that goal in the garbage and went about altering everybody panel. The new front end is apparent by the newest interpretation of Ford’s three-bar lattice. There are still three bars, but they’re much thinner with the top and underside ones framing the fence. There are now also two additional bars in there that are perforated with little holes.

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Flanking the grille are new headlamps that look inspired by Ford of Europe’s Kinetic motif idiom. They’re thinner and surge further back along the fender than the old lamps. The front super, meanwhile, is dominated by a large air intake and two slight, minor intakes at the external edges with chrome accents. Topping it all off is a new sway-dome cover that’s much taller and broader than the rounded, low covering of the tide car. The new engine lid is contoured with the axis part rising above the outer edges that form the tops of the fenders.

Video review: 2010 Ford Taurus

Moving to the area, the most arresting change on the 2010 Taurus is the new roof line. The wonderful arch of the old car has been replaced with a straighter roofline that kinks down sharply after the C-column. Its reminiscent of the reservoir-like roofline of the Chrysler 300C, while not as brutal. Designers reportedly fought for this change, perhaps reaction the profile of the recent Taurus was one of its major skin, and there’s no better way to show customers how much a car has untouched than by changing those rudiments for which it’s most well known.

The doors now also figure a firm character line that starts at the faux fender vents (yeah, they were reserved for some cause) and runs across the doors. It trimmings right before the rear fender and then reappears right after. The bit that residue behind the rear wheels looks a little inelegant to us, kind of like the sheetmetal was pinched.

The new Taurus’ rear end has been changed just as drastically as the surplus of the car. In actuality, the lay person won’t be able to accept the Taurus from the rear at first glance. The top of the problem is taller and flows back into a raised bit of sheetmetal forming a little ducktail spoiler. The back of the car is also canted sharply promote and in the way mimics the incline of the rear porthole. This makes the Taurus look like its leaning ahead and organize to rotate down the freeway for a long highway voyage at any time. New squarish tail-lamps are also allied by a strip of chrome that bisects the back end. And finally, Ford designers have placed unhappy black false natty around the underside of the entire car to lower its visual height.

One could easily contend that the interior of the 2010 Taurus is even more a departure from the earlier than the exterior. The chief difference is the new nucleus stack that flows away from the dash at a very shallow viewpoint, almost like in a low-slung supercar. The middle consoled also sits advanced, so each front seat passenger is cordoned off in their own compartment.

The top of the dash skin a twin-cover proposal like the Mustang, and the lasting interior surfaces contrast from smooth-finger light and dark plastics to firewood grain inserts. A new steering controls sits front and midpoint and the seats, oh those seats. They’re called Multi-Contour Seats and have three, six-way adjustable lumbar bladders and a seat shield featuring a new technology called Active Motion that continuously moves the chairs surface in a subtle way that wards off back twinge on long trips lacking distracting the driver.

The Taurus interior is also packed with every archetype of infotainment, security and convenience technology that Ford has to suggest. You’ve got Intelligent Access (Ford-tell for keyless note) and Push-Button Start; MyKey; the latest type of SYNC with the just-announced new features of Traffic, Directions and Information; an enunciate-started nav scheme with SIRIUS Travel Link; the first use of Sony-branded stereo approach in a Ford; a Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) and accompanying Cross Traffic Alert usage that warns of nearing cars when pulling out of parking acne.

There’s also Adaptive Cruise Controlled, which is the first application of such technology in a Ford style result. The ACC uses a front-mounted radar to keep an attentive eye on cars up to 600 feet ahead. Besides maintaining a sound space, the ACC also uses Collision Warning with Brake Support to notify the driver of an impending fender binge (or poorer). Even if ACC isn’t being used, the radar is on and study ahead. If the car approaches slower tender travel too swiftly, the logic will present a visual alarm at the improper of the windshield, an audible notice and precharge the brakes. That last point is important, as routine dynamic over jerky roads sometimes causes a brake rotor to force back against the pad, thus roughly the piston back into the caliper. Ford’s method will permeate the, the caliper with fluid to persuade the brake pad right back up to the rotor, thereby eliminating any play the could increase an emergency prevent.

While the same platform that underpins the Lincoln MKS can also be found underneath the Taurus, Ford engineers have tweaked the suspension to be sportier and more responsive. The car features MacPherson front struts and a multi-relate rear suspension. Their configuration is new for Ford and called SR1, named for he “one-to-one” rear shock absorber ratio. SR1 also allows for bigger wheels with moreover 19- or 20-inchers available for 2010.

Underneath the powerdome hood will be one engine at launch: the now common 3.5L Duratec V6 producing 263 hp and 249 lb-ft of torque. Ford has definite that a twin-turbo, immediate-injected EcoBoost 3.5L V6 is on its way, but hasn’t specified availability yet. That engine will fabricate big V8 dominance, where in the series of 350 horsepower, and is likely to restore proper fuel family for a full-size car.

The ignoble Taurus SE will come with a run o’ the granulate six-race natural, while uplevel SEL and Limited models get a six-zoom routine with SelectShift that adds transfer paddles to the steering turn. Ford says SelectShift will match revs when downshifting and not automatically upshift when you hit the redline. Of course, as before, the Taurus can also be had with both front- or all-turn hurl.

The new Taurus wouldn’t be a Ford if it didn’t also article more safety apparatus than you thought you desired. The body formed itself is stiffer, and there are enough airbags to float the car across the English Channel. Ford’s electronic stability running scheme called AdvanceTrac is also orthodox, as is SOS Post Crash Alert that automatically unlocks the doors, honks the horn and turns on the hazard light if the airbags go off.

The 2010 Ford Taurus clearly heads and tails better than the car it’s replacing, but the Taurus of today competes in an entirely different segment than the one from 1986. Today’s Taurus is a large car that competes with other big front-, rear- and all-turn-make sedans, vehicles like the Toyota Avalon, Nissan Maxima, Chrysler 300 and Pontiac G8. If Ford hadn’t noticed, this isn’t a high volume segment. While the new Taurus may not song-handedly cause Ford back from the precipice like the first one did, it does signify the best of what Ford has to offer in a passenger vehicle. And here’s the best reports – the 2010 Taurus will have the same $25,995 origin value as the 2009 model. That’s a good move by Ford for what appears to be a very good car. We’ll let you know our finishing wisdom when we get behind the swing of one in the near coming.




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11 02 2009
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7 03 2009
Reduce Acne

Beautifull models.

27 03 2009

Ford the best car 🙂

2 04 2009

Ford is a good car 🙂

17 01 2010

Meh! The Australian Ford Falcon I think is still better. Especially their Performance range. The Taurus reminds me of the Toyota Camry – Whitegoods on wheels and boring. And the SHO? 365hp? The Falcon goes from 261hp and 288lb-ft for the base model all the way up to 422hp & 383lb-ft for their performance brand- FPV.

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