New 2010 Lincoln MKT debuts at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show (details and photo)

13 01 2009

Lincoln has revealed the 2010 production model of the luxury MKT crossover. The three-row MKT is larger than the current two-row MKX SUV and joins the recently revealed MKZ sedan as part of Lincoln’s refreshed 2010 lineup.


Nevertheless past the cross’s firm looks, there is a multitude of new technology on recommend inside and out that should help put the MKT on luxury intersect shopping lists. Follow the jump to learn more about the MKT and read Lincoln’s formal demand discharge.

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Starting with the MKT’s sheetmetal, it is plain that Ford has dead in a different path – exactly. Whereas the Flex comes about it’s styling primarily using horizontal defenses, the MKT’s draft has a decidedly vertical orientation. From its two-section wing fence, to the appeal crinkle operation down the hood, to its surprisingly crispy corners, the MKT is very much its own cross. It’s also very much Lincoln, with its end-to-end taillamps and abstain-fitting make two-case wing border. Few are likely to call the MKT “beautiful,” but in the metal, there’s no hesitant its originality or its existence.

Inside, the Oakville, Ontario-built MKT takes the Flex’s generously proportioned interior and elevates it with senior-quality resources, a LED-lit acrylic instrument cluster, prominent strip and coppice dapper, and even flash-row footrests. Those everyday with the Flex will find many similarities, counting the hottest edition of SYNC, along with optional niceties like the support-row refrigerator. A THX II Certified surround-sound scheme with 14 speakers is offered, and a 10-narrator solitary-CD player with Sirius satellite radio and USB connectivity is degree-fit.

Ford has bumped up the number of conveniences and security technologies with the new MKT, including the availability of Adaptive Cruise Control (piggybacked with a crash counsel structure that is adept of priming the brakes), a blind-perceive monitoring method, and Active Park Help (a person-parking routine that promises to be easier to use than those worn by competing automakers).

The really account here, as it is with the break of the Ford family for 2009, is the availability of the 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 engine. Packing 355 horsepower (@ 5700 rpm) and 350 squash feet of torque (@ 3500 rpm), look for the MKT to get out of its own way with true dynamism. The lead-injected, twin-turbo engine is matching exclusively with all-veer hammer and a six-tempo paddleshift certain that executes – interval for – rev-matched downshifts.

If you must, the non-EcoBoost Duratec V6 comes pennant and that 3.7-liter brings with it 268 hp and 267 lb.-ft. Of torque. Nevertheless given that this engine is somewhat overmatched in the (presumably lighter) Flex, we expect the EcoBoost mill will be value the premium, especially since the twin-turbo’s fuel cutback ratings are expected to be analogous to its fewer-brawny sibling. Besides, if you’re troubled about your son or daughter being tempted by the EcoBoost’s substantial command reserves, you can order your MKT with MyKey, a comprehensive suite of features that allows owners to perimeter vehicle top alacrity and pester drivers with preset rate chimes to discourage teenage hooliganism.

Ford says that the rear suspension has been retuned to torment like an accurate Lincoln without adopting nautical rotate angles and major short and dive. The testimony will be in the dynamic pudding, as the MKT facts to be somewhat portlier than the already beefy Flex, but the Blue Oval Box is a hard handler, so there is good grounds to be optimistic. We look forward to receive behind the controls and generous you some immediate perspective.

Photo Gallery: 2010 Lincoln MKT



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