Wow, fantastic seven-seater F1 GP Limo

19 01 2009

With a handful of the teams stodgy the F1 grid for the impending flavor – counting Ferrari and Toyota – having already unveiled their 2009-spec challengers, some have bemoaned the achieve the new regulations have had on the cars’ appearances. Nevertheless after looking at this monster, we have no question those fears will cursorily wane in its shadow. And pretty a shadow it casts: you’re looking at what its creators call the GP Limo.


Develop a fantastic prix-style contest car, only instead of a solo-seater, why not give it space for seven: driver good six traverse-alongs. There have been efforts in the preceding to fashion bike or 1+2 versions of F1 framework, but this is pleasing it to the next demolish, approaching the look of a theme square attraction. Stretching the wheelbase to such a point spring to wreak havoc on it’s handling, but its creators are targeting the Bugatti Veyron’s 250-mph top rate.

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New “Fast & Furious 4” Trailer Released (video)

19 01 2009

Universal Pictures has released a movie trailer showing the new eminent installment of “Fast and Furious 4“. Following the sequels to The Fast and the Furious which were 2 Fast and Furious and 2 Tokyo Drift, many fans of the first show were disappointed at the departure of baritone-spoken actor Vin Diesel. Well the yell influence is back again playing the character of Dominique “Dom” Toretto.


Instead of being on the other edge of the law this time Dom teams up with Brian O’Conner (Paul Walker) the undercover cop who infiltrated his organization, to help the FBI diffuse a drug-smuggling importer’s very unsafe unit. Being Fast and Furious all the action is centred on promptly cars and speedy women. The trailer gives only glimpses of featured apparatus – like tailored pickups – but surely not enough. Even less of said females emerge in the shots.

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