Wow, fantastic seven-seater F1 GP Limo

19 01 2009

With a handful of the teams stodgy the F1 grid for the impending flavor – counting Ferrari and Toyota – having already unveiled their 2009-spec challengers, some have bemoaned the achieve the new regulations have had on the cars’ appearances. Nevertheless after looking at this monster, we have no question those fears will cursorily wane in its shadow. And pretty a shadow it casts: you’re looking at what its creators call the GP Limo.


Develop a fantastic prix-style contest car, only instead of a solo-seater, why not give it space for seven: driver good six traverse-alongs. There have been efforts in the preceding to fashion bike or 1+2 versions of F1 framework, but this is pleasing it to the next demolish, approaching the look of a theme square attraction. Stretching the wheelbase to such a point spring to wreak havoc on it’s handling, but its creators are targeting the Bugatti Veyron’s 250-mph top rate.

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So it may be hideous, but between the necessary helmet and the bonkers top rapidity, minion will see you riding in it anyway. The venture is the brainchild of inventor Mike Pettipas, hailing from – where besides – Canada, where they’re apparently hopeless to stop the void left by the departure of the Canadian Grand Prix. Hate to solve it to my fellow Canucks, but this aren’t it.




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19 10 2014
bán xe hơi cũ

bán xe hơi cũ

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