How Automakers Stashing Unsold Cars?! (photos)

21 01 2009

The steep decline in worldwide car sales is causing automakers to secrete over-produced cars in suspect seats, like on Nissan’s UK on picture below. After jump you can view a growing stocks of unsold cars around the world!


Since the harms of over-productions are global, we’ve put together a range of photos of cars stacking up around the world. Sometimes they’re being stacked in eccentric chairs like the above shot from Nissan’s analysis trail. Usually, the site is more pedestrian with lately fashioned cars plopped out front of the factories they’re shaped at. For example, Land Rovers and Jaguars are now being stacked up exterior a yard in Liverpool. Similarly, Ford F-150s support high in Detroit near their building resource.

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New Peugeot 408 Prototype Spied (photos)

21 01 2009

The first photos of the Peugeot 408 Sedan Prototype lurking in the darkness screening a smooth athletic profile with large division 5-beam rims. The 408 will return the Peugeot 407 which was launched in 2004 with several body variants such as a position cart, a two-door auto and a sedan.


The 408 prototype looks production ready, pleading the possibility of a Geneva Motor Show unveiling in March. On the other hand it would be an interrupt to see an all-new prototype since the 407 just normal a slight facelift in 2008.

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