Barack Obama’s New Cadillac Presidential Limousine

22 01 2009

Barack Obama a week before his Inauguration as the new president of the United States getting a new limousine provided by General Motors. The newest Cadillac Presidential Limousine is a completely new device, succeeding the DTS Presidential Limousine that debuted in 2004 and was worn by George Bush. Obama has been riding in a ‘greener’ Ford Escape Hybrid previously, after getting rid of a less environmentally-friendly Chrysler 300C.

Barack Obama's Presidential Limousine LIVE ride, WASHINGTON

UPDATED: Barack Obama’s Inaugural ride in Presidential Limousine (details and photo bellow)

However, as is the project with all presidential limos, Obama’s new added long party car comes with bulletproof glazing, unique run-absolute tires and of course, an immense bulk of body shell. Cadillac was commissioned to assemble this exclusive vehicle for the incoming US President and the GM call couldn’t be happier after completing the job in time.

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Neither GM nor the Secret Service through spokesman Ed Donovan are juicy much in niceties linking to the car. Officially what is said is that it covers forcibly the same ‘footstep’ as the type introduced in 2004. It has run-utterly tyres and there are two flags on whichever front fender part that are illuminated with LED light at night. Interior is a mix of new tech and old prepare luxury but skin diplomacy that are favorable to a movable work at the rear. GM previously naked that a 10-CD player is installed.

UPDATED: Barack Obama made his first ride on the new Presidential Limousine after Inauguration (photos – Getty Images). General Motors free similes of the new Cadillac-based limo last week, but were of course not tolerable to disclose the car’s specifications. We’re still in the shadows on most, everything about the new Presidential Limo, but new similes from yesterday’s inauguration uncover its constant climb and capabilities.

First, note the roof height compared to a Secret Service agent walking next to the car. Though it has the necessary proportions of a very long-wheelbase sedan, this thing is near as tall as a Tahoe. The sidewalls of the tires are enormous, kind of like the front tires on a half-truck, which suggests a degree of puncture resistance far afar your norm run dreary. The increased ground clearance and large fender flare also imply this car can go off-roading when the require arises, like if an ICBM takes out the boulevard ahead. Lastly, this view of an agent share the car door open for Obama while he enters the vehicle shows the rightful thickness of its doors. Basing on that, we expect the new Presidential Limo would slash 50 stars if thump weathered by the NHTSA. Check out more photos below of the Obama family charming their first rideg in the Presidential Limousine.




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23 01 2009

It is so big!
Good images.

24 01 2009
Auto Industry Bailout » Blog Archive » Barack Obama’S New Cadillac Presidential Limousine « Autoworld …

[…] Barack Obama a week before his inauguration as the new president of the United States getting a new limousine provided by General Motors . The newest Cadillac Presidential Limousine is a completely new device, succeeding the DTS …[Continue Reading] […]

23 07 2009

best car car

4 04 2010
Mike Woolfolk

What happened to this limo? We have not seen President Obama in this car since the inauguration.

28 01 2011

What happened to the car?
Maybe it got repo-ed

8 04 2012
excellent coins

Thank you for this. Always a pleasure to make someone with the exact same passion.

9 05 2013
Vaibhav Mishra

Love it

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