Very strange Accident: Car Lands on Church Roof in Germany (photos and video)

27 01 2009

After losing control of his car, a 23-year-old man flew almost 25 feet off the ground through the air and landed in the church roof. How it happened is still undetermined.


The accident took place in Limbach-Oberfrohna, just outside of Chemnitz, Germany. Police trust the 23-year-old driver was racing through the seat of town when he misplaced contain of his Skoda Octavia, careened off an embankment, and wound up wedged in the minster seven meters up.

One regulated officer told reporters at the outlook, “the driver took off due to unexplained circumstances, flew some 30 meters through the air and finished up seven meters up in the cathedral roof.”

Read more (photos+ video)!!

Investigators suppose the car’s rush led to the driver omitted a direct. Just how the vehicle went airborne is still a bit of a mystery. “I’ve never seen something like it,” prolonged Officer Knut Wagner.

The driver of the Skoda Octavia was extracted from the vehicle, and transported to the hospice with deep injuries. Damage to the vehicle has been estimated at €10,000. Meanwhile, the town’s church was faultily hurt from the accident, but the loss of the wound has yet to be assessed. Investigators have requested the assistance of physicists in the accident reconstruction.

At its most eloquent, a sheep Skoda Octavia can get up to 197 hp and 207 ft-lb of torque from a 2.0-liter four-cylinder 16-valve TFSI vRS engine. With that engine, and no other tuning, it has a top rapidity of 150mph, and a 0-60mph time of about seven seconds.

In a report free past nowadays, Chemnitz watch said that the officers “must have thought they were looking at a movie.” Remarking on hearsay that petition the car missed a bend, crashed through a fence, and plowed into an embankment, they said, “The embankment worked like a ski flinch.”

Police and remedial workforce will cart out taxing on a blood trial full from the driver to control if alcohol or drugs played a part in the thing.




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27 01 2009
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27 01 2009

That is crazy!!

28 01 2009

great post !! I read a few of your other entires. Where can i subscribe to your blog? Thank you for sharing.

28 01 2009

You can subscribe to our blog throw Google or another service, click on button in sidebar under “NEW IN THIS BLOG”!!

7 02 2009
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8 02 2009
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11 02 2009
12 05 2009
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11 07 2009

I think he might have switched on his flying gear insted of applying his car brakes……….he he he. jus kidding. Wat a strange accident.

17 04 2010
hop you alucy

its bad accident ihop apaerson in the car agood health

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