First Official Images of the Aston Martin Rapide Leaked

30 01 2009

The first official images of the Production Aston Martin Rapide leaked onto the web. The new Rapide based on a long-wheelbase DB9 model and powered by a 480bhp, 6.0-litre V12, the £140k Aston Martin Rapide should slot between the DB9 and DBS in the visitors’s sort. Also it will have a six-speed ZF auto gearbox with Aston’s Touchtronic control.


The exterior, styling line running along the front wing and door is new, but otherwise the Rapide’s skin follows the beautiful, swooping look of the model, but with crisper shoulders and bonnet creases. The front apron also features a cleaner look, with a record thick sink air intake. The concept — and prototypes — featured close inlets whichever part of the lower air intake.

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Aston’s engineers have stretched the DB9’s wheelbase by 255mm, making the car five metres long, the level for luxury saloons like the Mercedes S-rank. Despite the swooping roofline, the Aston Rapide is 63mm higher than a DB9, a heighten that ensures the styling retains its rest, yet also offers sensible rear headroom.

The Rapide will be heavier than a DB9, tipping the scales at around 1940kg, a 130kg upsurge in kerb heaviness. The spare energy should compensate for this, generous it a 0-60mph time of around 4.5secs and top hustle of more than 180mph.

The Aston Rapide’s rear lodge is designed to seat a pair of brood adults in individual buckets. Access is through rear doors that axis with a wider rendering of the strut-isthmus action on the front doors. Aston has bent more legroom under the front seats to allow passengers to slide their feet under the seat support, and enhanced the practicality with a foldable bulkhead and parcel sill.

Source: [Autocar]



3 responses

30 01 2009

New auto for Bond 007.

30 01 2009
Jack - Aston Martin Seller

Wonder what the body called the Aston Martin Rapide “fourdoors Coupe”, where the body is called correctly FastBack? like the Mercedes CLS.

2 03 2009


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