New McLaren P11 supercar spied at Testing

30 01 2009

These is the first photos of the prototypes for the new model, project name ‘P11’, have been spied at testing near McLaren’s factory in Surrey, UK. Under the black-and-white camouflage is the McLaren P11 which will attribute a, much chiseled appearance that its McLaren F1 predecessor. Though brutally covered, the prototypes also bare a mid-engine describe, a tall, squared-off tail, suddenly overhangs, and lessened back headlights.


Expect a difficult carbon-composite chassis, lightning astute F1-shape propel turn gearbox and carbon-stoneware brakes. While Mercedes’ partnership with McLaren will rapidly come to end, the German carmaker is tipped to be supplying its 6.2L AMG V8 engine. McLaren engineers, however, are expected to work over the engine to the tune of 550hp (410kW).

Read more (details + spy photos)!!

With an estimated kerb load of about 1,250kg, the new P11 should easily accelerate from 0-100km/h in minus than four seconds and catch a top haste in extra of 320km/h. First deliveries are expected to lead in deferred 2010.



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20 02 2009


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