Transformers2: “Revenge of the Fallen” official video Trailer Released

2 02 2009

This is the first official video preview for the upcoming Transformers: “Revenge of the Fallen” sequel that will air tonight during the Super Bowl, but there are more psychotic Decepticons amped up for a replay, loads of Autobots getting their mechanical asses kicked, and anything that can be blown up gets blown up. It’s everything you’d guess in Michael Bay film… Boon Megan Fox.


The new Transformers movie is truly international, with scenes pleasing place in the USA with important scenes in New Mexico, but also in China (but the Chinese part was filmed on an American set), Egypt (they did go the valid pyramids) and much more! After the jump you can watch the first official trailer and view some captures of the action.

Watch video in continued…




One response

27 03 2009
Megan Fox

I’m looking forward to Jennifer’s Body. Megan had no real meaty scenes in How to lose friends and alienate people. And in Transformers she was pretty much mute.

Shes also up for the role of Leila in Jonah Hex with Josh Brolin.
She would be a perfect Wonder Woman thought! 🙂

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