Wow, Hummer H2 Cabrio caught in Abu Dhabi, UAE

2 02 2009

There are many luxury cars, which can be seen in the United Arab Emirates. Some of them are treated with chrome, some with gold. What’s next?! This self-tuned Hummer H2 Convertible parked near luxury Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi.


Mods to this monster include custom paint job with matching red leather interior, which seems to be an odd wealth for the gulf coast city surrounded by desert. Hopefully, there is some innovative seat-cooling usage installed as well. The truck has seven seats, and chrome wheels set in wider arches. Also pictured is what appears to be an aftermarket fiberglass cover shovel with integrated Hella lights.

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Just as unnecessarily bestow is the lodge itself, which opened in 2005. Marble floors, a large golden ground, gold touches in many of the rooms, and an enormous green lawn brought the construction loss of this building to $3 billion. Stays in the smallest area, a 592 justly bottom interim (55 m2), starts at $400 nightly. The 7,319 settle bottom (680 m2) Palace Grand Suite costs upwards of $11,500 per night, and comes with a limousine, compound 61-edge plasma screens, raised jacuzzi, and butler.




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3 02 2009

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1 03 2009
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15 02 2010

Anyone know how to do things like this?

11 10 2010
Custom Painted Golf Carts

Very cool!

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