Exclusive Maybach Zeppelin Revealed (details and photos)

12 02 2009

Daimler AG present a new model that revives the mood of the 1930’s Maybach Zepelin. It’s a special edition version of the Maybach 57 S and the 62 S (long-wheelbase version). The Maybach Zepelin will be officially debut at the Geneva Motor Show.


The exclusive Maybach will be produced in a limited run of just 100 units with prices (without tax) set at €406,000 ($526,500 US) for the Zepelin 57 and at €473,200 ($613,600 US) for the Zepelin 62. In both bags, a tweaked style provided power of the stiff’s twin-turbocharged 6.0-liter V12 which now delivers 640HP (+28 hp) and greatest torque of 1000 Nm or 737.6 lbs-ft.

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Hallmark skinned of the Zepelin enter a two-tone unique paint ending, newly designed 20-inch wheels in a Chrome Shadow texture and streamlined external mirrors.

Inside, the stretch-topping Zepelin gets leather appointments in California fawn leather and shear basics in piano polish varnish. Also, the centre console in the front, the partition hide that is available as a decision for the Maybach Zeppelin 62, benefit the silver champagne flutes included as usual are all manifest with the letters “MAYBACH ZEPPELIN“, while the door sill panels as well as the key disc are impressed with the word “ZEPPELIN.”

For those that like to pay mind to minutiae, of the most prominent interior features of Maybach’s ‘uber’ grand vehicle is a scent distributor. The method’s primary element is an internally illuminated Plexiglass sphere on the rear interior console, into which owners can insert a vial of their favorite bouquet. A gauge pumped then directs a flow of air into the Plexiglass sphere, fanning the vial’s anoint molecules into the vehicle interior. The anoint aerosol that is exclusive to the Zeppelin can be prepared for a very €3,950 or around $5,100.




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4 03 2009

Interessante Informationen.

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