New Rolls-Royce 200EX First Official Photos and Details

20 02 2009

The first official photos and information about new Rolls-Royce 200EX was released. New car is consider as a small vehicle, which which must be more affordable luxury than the Rolls-Royce Phantom. The new car carries the internal name ‘RR4’ and a concept version of it will be unveiled at 2009 Geneva Motor Show. Following the introduction of the production edition at the Frankfurt Show this September, the Rolls-Royce 200EX will go on selling worldwide in early of 2010.

Rolls-Royce 200EX 2010 official img_1

Codenamed ‘RR4‘, the four-door luxury sedan from Goodwood is loosely based on the BMW 7-Series with which it shares about 20 percent of all components plus a bespoke form of the platform, electrics and suspension hardware. The 200EX, whose production name has yet to be revealed, will be equipped with an all-new V12 engine that will also find its way under the cover of the BMW 7-Series.

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Measuring at 5,399 mm in piece, the 200EX is 187 mm longer than a LWB 7-Series (5,212 mm) but near half-a-meter shorter than the Phantom (5,83m). It’s outer styling is evidently influenced by Rolls-Royce’s flagship sedan, but due to its more compact dimensions and clearer ranks, the 200EX looks more like a car and excluding like a boiler. As expected, Rolls-Royce designers maintained the Phantom’s characteristic suicide doors on the 200EX

The new 200EX is a novel execution of eternal Rolls-Royce elegance, breech with some areas of tradition but retaining the basis values that make our marque rare,” says Rolls-Royce CEO Tom Purves. “We demand the more informal, sprightly create to develop the influence of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, attracting people who appreciate its fusion of refiNement, new technology and contemporary style.”

Within the 200EX, the lodge’s intention is more contemporary and excluding intruding than that of the Phantom. As with any Rolls-Royce, the 200EX gets high-worth equipment and that unusual awareness to niceties. One thing that fixed our interest but is not mentioned on the lobby circulate, is a large rotating button on the lessen part of the centre console that appears to be alike to BMW’s i-Drive (U-Don’t) system.




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21 02 2009
ary gunawan

simply beautiful, worth every peny.

16 03 2009

thanks great post

29 04 2009
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7 09 2009
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