New 2010 Volvo S80 Sedan Facelift (details and photos)

27 02 2009

The updated Volvo S80 sedan will be debut for the first time at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show next month. Due to go on retailing in spiral 2009, the S80 has normal a reach of inferior surface updates but more importantly for European drivers, two revised five-cylinder diesel engines, the 2.4D and D5 boon the new low CO2-emitting 1.6D DRIVe diesel exemplar.

2010 Volvo S80 sedan img_1

UPDATED: with video

The new S80 DRIVe will come equipped with the same powertrain as the slighter C30, S40 and V50 DRIVe, a 109HP 1.6-litre diesel engine hooked up to a manual gearbox, but with expressly tailored engine software and different ratios in third, fourth and fifth gears. While the 1.6D powertrain won’t be donation any staggering performance facts, it does help significantly cut fuel consumption and CO2 emissions to 129g/km and 57.6mpg UK (48.0mpg US or 4.9 lt /100 km) respectively.

Read more (details + photos + video)!!

The refreshed S80 will also be untaken with an updated version of the twin-turbo five-cylinder 2.4-litre D5 turbodiesel producing 205-horsepower and 420Nm of torque. Fuel consumption (EU pooled) is 45.6mpg UK (37.9mpg US or 6.2 lt / 100km) with CO2 emissions of 164g/km.

The upgraded 2.4-litre diesel engine will also be untaken with 175-horsepower and 420Nm of torque. In this situation, fuel consumption (EU Combined) is rated at 48.7mpg UK (40.6mpg US or 5.8 lt /100km) with CO2 emissions of 154g/km.

Cosmetic changes for the 2010 MY S80 are partial to the new grille featuring the superior iron stain badge and chrome detailing on the air intakes, minor part of the doors and under the tail lamps. The Swedish automaker also updated the S80’s slim while the instruments now element aluminum dials and there’s also a new steering veer.




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10 03 2009
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[…] New 2010 Volvo S80 Sedan Facelift (details and photos) […]

13 03 2009
Thomas Greene

hye dude! nice and very informatics blog! keep it UP!

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