LIVE in Geneva: Volkswagen Polo Mk V and BlueMotion Concept

3 03 2009

Volkswagen uncovers its all-new B-segment with the new 2010 Polo Mk V and the all-new Polo BlueMotion Concept car at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show.

Volkswagen Polo 2010 LIVE at 2009 Geneva Motor Show img_8

The new B-segment cars comes in three- and five-door tailgate flavors with a scope of gas and diesel engines, but the chief of the cram is the BlueMotion mode with 96 g/km of CO2 emissions. VW showed a thought for the next-gen BlueMotion mode that will launch in 2010 and expected to come to the US market in the next couple of years.

The BlueMotion notion uses an efficient 1.2L three cylinder TDI diesel, with 74 hp. Combining with 15-crawl low rolling resistance tires, a blanked off trellis, extensive rocker panels for worse drag, automated vault sojourn, and brake energy regeneration. The base lined is 71.3 mpg (US) and 87 g/km of CO2 emissions. That makes the new BlueMotion the most effective five passenger home combustion car on the street.

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The new Polo (full details here…) is estimated to hit US seaboard in the next two being, but European dealers will begin pleasing orders this week. In an amiable change of velocity, VW managed to chop the body emphasis of the Polo by 7.5% compared to the old classical and European buyers get a catalog of seven different engines including three new common rail TDIs. The engines span the stretch from 59 to 103 hp and embrace an updated BlueMotion classic that gets 61.9 mpg (US).

US drivers will prone surprise off with the new 1.2L TSI gas engine. Direct infusion and turbocharging pass this little beastie to 103 hp while getting 42.8 mpg (US) mutual. That’s a 19% jump over the equivalently powered preceding-gen. Style. The gearboxes for the Polo enter a new seven-pace DSG which could make this generous little emerge a very genuine competitor to the Honda Fit in the fun to constrain arena. The new Polos will be open in June of this year.




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18 07 2009
leonardo santos

SUGESTÕES VW 2010/Percerbo que muitos automóveis vw tem cambio automatico, porem, como os motores vw são muito potentes e os 1.6, 2.0 e 2.5 (litros) com o cambio automático não tem consequido um aproveitamento total destes ótimos motores, mas o cambio automático oferece dirigir confortavel, porem é muito necessário um melhor aproveitamento destes motores com uma melhoria muito acentuada dos cambios automaticos e destes motores que ainda tem muito a oferecer e evoluir. Creio que alguns GTI ou R como queiram chamar poderiam ser equipados com motores 2.5 turbo. Sciroco 2.5 turbo, golf 2.5 turbo, vw new bettle 2.5 turbo e tiguam r 2.5 turbo, abrindo um leque de opções ao consumidor que tende a companhar o mundo cada segundo mais rápido e dinamico., por isto, tendo acertado em cheio com o designer dos gol. golfs, polo, etc (ficaram muito lindos), seria para 2010 muito importante uma mechida na questão das marchas e motores (tubagem, relação de marchas, ecu, etc)desde o 1.0 até o 2.5 litros objetivando ganhos bem acentuados de potencia e velocidade. Esta seria a grande jogada para 2010 vw entrar no mercado com muita sorte e muitas vendas.

14 12 2009
salaam je'tam colf


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