New Nissan Qazana Crossover Concept Revelead at Geneva

3 03 2009

Nissan revealed the new Qazana crossover concept car at the at Geneva Motor Show. The concept looks fun and, curiously enough, planned for the urban playground. Designing by the team at Nissan Design Europe in London around the notion of a city car bringing together a modern day coast pushchair and a four-seat motor-bicycle, the Qazana Crossover aims at rivalling the 1960s fortitude of vans, bikes and buggies.


That inspiration comes largely from a mix in sharp SUV and “incline” sports car styling basics. A tall stance, plump width framework, concise overhangs and the broad shoulders supply for the physique, while contrasting with but complimenting the fair low roof line, slimline wall windows and 20-edge black chrome alloys. The front light cluster consists of sink circular lamps and a daylight running strip all intended to evoke a gather car complete in waiting.

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On first glance a two-door coupe, the Qazana boasts a next brace of doors. All doors open electronically, the rear needy on the front doors, and grant good access owed to the deletion of B-pillars. Inside is an expansion of the outer, doodle on a mixture of hard and flexible equipment. ‘Forcing through’ into the cottage, carbon fibre elements, notably the bike-inspired centre console, are ‘on pose’ wrapped by leather. The dash skin as, both dash-partition navigation and turn show and the centre for Nissan’s next-generation advanced effusive electronic all-wheel drive system.



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6 07 2016
AUTODEKOR s.r.o. 3M Armatur Design Cockpit Dekor

AUTODEKOR s.r.o. 3M Armatur Design Cockpit Dekor

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