Mansory Chopster based on Porsche Cayenne S with 710hp (photos)

4 03 2009

Mansory tuning group that specializes in tuning of classic roadsters and modern SUVs presented their new Porsche Cayenne S-based Chopster at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show.

Mansory Chopster (Porsche Cayenne S) LIVE at Geneva Motor Show img_1

At first glance all changes is the chopped roof, which has been lowered 60mm. A feral carbon-integrity body kit includes the cover, front and rear aprons and doors, and the Chopster has been widened by 80mm. A salient raw-carbon and red complete is set off by a yawning maw of a front air intake that hides four second headlights. 23-shuffle wheels are on hand to make universe for the ugly brakes–420 x 40 mm up front and 375 x 30 at the rear.

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Besides being considerably lighter merit to the wide use of carbon, the Chopster’s had some work has done under the cover as well. Mansory has installed a superior turbocharger and remapped the engine, resulting in 710 horsepower (522 kW) and 900 nM torque from the Porsche Cayenne‘s V8. A unique adjustable exhaust title allows the driver to choose the racket rank and property.

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Source: [Mansory]



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