New Mercedes S-Class Coupe Facelift (spy photos)

11 03 2009

The new Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe has spied at testing. In addition to the spy photos we can assert that behind this black bonded front a Mercedes CL is, but it name will be replaced by S-Class Coupe and make some changes, in particular it will be the redesigned headlights, the addition of LED-day driving lights, a different grill that slants much less, full LED tail lights, new front and rear bumpers and a new set of pipes for the exhaust.

Mercedes-Benz S-class Coupe spy photos img_4

Parallel works on an update for CL63 and CL 65 models is also done by the factory tuner AMG. The engine currently is a 525 or 612 hp, likely coming with new improvements in fuel economy and upped performance output through engine management techniques.

Read more (details + spy shots)!!

Mercedes also can provide an S-Class Coupe 400 BlueHybrid. It’s features a 3.5 liter V6 engine with 279 hp coupled with an electric motor of 20 hp and a combined torque reading of 385 Nm. The 400 BlueHybrid rates an impressive fuel economy of 7.9 liters per 100 km (30mpg US) for the full-sized S-Class, using a stop-start technology.



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11 03 2009
New Mercedes S-Class Coupe Facelift (spy photos) « It’s your auto … | Benz Car Information

[…] See a rest here:  New Mercedes S-Class Coupe Facelift (spy photos) « It’s your automobile … […]

20 03 2009

– Cool! Excellent spy shots. I’m so amped for this car.

28 03 2009


30 03 2009

Mercedes the best car! 🙂

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