New Tata Nano Officially Launched: The cheapest car in the world!!

24 03 2009

Do you believe, new car for only $ 2000?! The World’s low priced Tata Nano officially launched in India. Orders are now being taken for the three different models, with the car hitting showrooms on 1 April. Delivery of the cars will start in July. Tata‘s affordable city car starts at 1 Lakh, or 100,000 Indian Rupees, that just under 2,000 USD (~1,450 euros).

Tata Nano img_1

Building with an all-new aluminum 2-cylinder 33hp 624 cc gasoline engine, the four-swiftness car comes as the Nano Standard, Nano CX, and Nano LX. The Standard comes only in three paint choices, with a folding rear seat. The CX has heated and air conditioning, five insignia to elect from, two-tone seats, helped braking, and a share ledge. Step up to the LX and you get right windows and locks, fog lamps, movable receiver steed, and rear spoiler.

Read more (details + photos)!!

Tata chief Ratan N. Tata said, “The Nano represents the soul of breaking conventional barriers. From the drawing plank to its commercial launch, the theory, development and productionisation of the car has overcome several challenges.”

The Tata company also showed off a proposed European model at this month’s Geneva Motor Show. It is vaguely bigger than the Indian classical, and would have a more forceful three-cylinder aluminum engine. By 2010, the Sanand plant in Gujarat, India, should be producing as many as 350,000 vehicles per year.



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25 03 2009
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[…] New Tata Nano Officiall&#121 &#76aunched: The cheapest car in the world … […]

3 04 2009

Richard Hammond is right – That reminds me of Pikachu!

26 04 2009
Tata Nano

An important thing in a car is safety which nano seem to lack completely. Anyway, I made a site about tata nano where I’ll post all the news related to this. Hope you didn’t mind I linked it from here 😛

15 07 2009

This car is really very interesting but as a friend posted, we need to pay attention for safety. I thing that driving in accordance to the motor, it is safety. It seems a nice car to use in cities driving in low speed, without doubts it thousands times more safety than motorcycles and more comfortable too. I thing like hear in São Paulo, Brazil, instead of be forbid to use our own car in downtown some days of the week, the Government would incentive to use this little “bug car”.

17 06 2010

Yo this caris kool but it wud b way better if ya made it look more kool n made it with only two seats but is pretty kool:)

20 05 2015
21 05 2015

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